Lyssabeth's Coaching for the DIY Wedding Officiant
...for the amateur officiant who wants to perform like a pro

So, you've exhibited a flair for public speaking and now the happy couple has enlisted you to perform the ceremony that will unite them in committed bliss. FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES!! No pressure there, folks! After all you have a whole 20-30 minutes to creatively express the personal love and commitment of this couple in a unique way that won't have guests fidgeting, counting the minutes until they can escape to cocktails! Easy-peasy! Simply craft a script with heartfelt humor and sensitivity and deliver it flawlessly in front of 200 people! Gulp!

Okay, get back here! You've graciously accepted this task and it really is an honor that you were chosen, right? You've got this nifty Write Your Own Ceremony E-kit, so how hard can it be? But how do you avoid the recurring nightmare where you're standing in front of everyone ( can admit it to're naked in the dream, aren't you?) and you're stammering out all kinds of weird utterances while the bride's uncle heckles you from the back row.

No worries, we've got you covered. We provide affordable coaching to talk you through the rough spots. Whether you need help with legalities, logistics, ceremony order, etiquette, public speaking or simply need some pre-ceremony hand-holding, we're here to help. We'll even provide the first 10 minutes for free.


If you've purchased our Write Your Own Ceremony E-Kit, then the first 10 minutes of your telephone consultation is FREE. After that, if you need more assistance, we'll start the timer and bill you $1.00 per minute for as long as it takes (or until you tell us to stop!)

Most consultations take less than 30 minutes, so you are looking at an investment of $20 to ensure that your ceremony performance is flawless.

Wedding Officiant Coaching

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